Our Story

DCE Electrical and Leopard Controls are a Western Australian owned company specialising in all facets of electrical and HVAC installations, including Design, Engineering, and drafting.  We also specialise in Building Management Systems (BMS) which complements the electrical arm of the business with networked, open protocol control systems by Leopard Controls.

Offering turnkey solutions which incorporate electrical and control system design is a speciality.  The main sectors are;

  • Telecommunications

  • Retail

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Mining


Our commitment extends to every project; it’s problems, challenges and responding to specific needs, with new solutions. The solution will also provide backward compatibility so that the initial investment is not lost and future upgrade costs are minimised. At the same time, an open system design is implemented to future proof your investment and enable seamless integration to third-party equipment.

Mission Statement

"DCE Electrical | Leopard Controls is committed to providing exceptional turnkey solutions incorporating electrical and controls system design which exceeds customer expectations"

Vision Statement

"To establish and maintain a respectable reputation of delivering cost-effective turnkey solutions with a high level of customer satisfaction. To create and maintain rewarding and safe working environment for our employees, suppliers and other stakeholders."

HSEQ Policy 

DCE Electrical and Leopard Controls are committed to providing quality products and services to customers, maintaining safe systems of work and minimising impacts on the environment. To ensure continual improvement in each of these areas, DCE Electrical and Leopard Controls will:


•     Comply with requirements set by customers, applicable legislation and other interested parties


•     Maintain compliance with international standard for Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Safety Management System AN/NZS 4801 and ISO 45001) by continually improving systems of work, processes and functional aspects within the business


•     Plan, implement and periodically review measureable objectives and targets for all business areas.


•     Commit to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution. Minimize, if not eliminate harm to the business, injury or illness to people.


•     Commit to provide safe and healthy work condition for the prevention of work-related injuries and ill health.


•     Identify and eliminate hazards to the business, people and the environment, and implement controls to eliminate the risk or to reduce the risks to a manageable level.


•     Communicate policy to all employees, customers, the public and any other interested parties


•     Consult with employees, customers and other interested parties


•     Implement and maintain effective management systems and infrastructure


•     Allocate responsibility and authority to enable the effective operation of the business and management systems

Company Culture

The success of DCE Electrical | Leopard Controls has been due to the quality of the people we employ combined with the culture and philosophy we have developed over our 40-year existence.  Our philosophy of doing business has been based on the following goals and values;


a) The purpose of our business is to serve our customers and to consistently strive to exceed their expectations. 


b) Practising Creative Lateral Thinking to provide innovative solutions that will add value to our client’s facilities.


c) Partnering with our clients.  We collaborate and work in a team spirit to achieve the best possible results and to find the best possible solutions for long-term efficiency.


d) Being a practical hands-on company our employees have an absolute passion for excellence at all levels.  Supplying technically superior and highly reliable solutions.  80% of our staff are engineers, technicians or project managers, confirming our absolute commitment to cutting edge, technical innovation.


e) Focus on our core business.  We specialise in major electrical projects & Building management systems and are perceived by our clients as the leaders in our industry.


f) We work hard at creating a high trust, high self-esteem, high excitement work environment as we recognise our customer’s value quality people as well as quality products.

Integrative Management System

DCE Electrical and Leopard Controls has an integrative approach on management systems which complies with international standards. Our group of experts collaborate to develop, implement and continuously improve our integrated management systems. 

DCE/ Leopard Controls is certified company against “ISO 9001 Quality Management System”, “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System” and “AS/NZ 4801 Safety Management System”. 

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we assure consistency in providing high product and service standards. We are focus in providing our customers with superior quality products and services that meet or exceeds their expectations. 

DCE/ Leopard Controls is committed to respect and protect our environment. We implement environmental management system which is certified against ISO 14001 requirements. Our environmental system focuses on environmental impact and energy savings. 

In DCE/ Leopard Controls the safety and health of every employee is a high priority. We are an AS/NZ 4801 certified company committed in providing safe and supportive working environments for all our employees.  

DCE Electrical | Leopard Controls

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