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The Project

In the largest activation of 4GX sites to date, over 600 new towns and suburbs, including some of our most popular holiday destinations and beachside suburbs, were switched on, making 4GX the hottest mobile accessory. 

Telstra have seen from this early roll out of 4GX around 20 per cent to 30 per cent of 4G traffic in a 4GX area seamlessly move to the new service, offering their customers with compatible devices typical download speeds never before seen in Australia. But it also has wider network benefits, with traditional 4G services freed up to also help manage the ever growing demand for data. 

Our Contribution

Our contribution to this critical development includes; 

  • Footings & Foundations 

  • Access Road Construction 

  • MonoPole erection 

  • Site Main Switchboard 

  • Main underground power feed 

  • Supply Authority Connections 

  • Lightning Protection System 

  • Battery Bank Installation 

  • Earth Mat & integrated Earthing 

  • Emergency Generator Connections 

Our Solution

DCE Electrical have a dedicated “in house” Telecommunications Team, including a civil works group, electrical & refrigeration technicians. This allows us to provide a total turnkey solution right from the access road, foundations to specialised battery installation and commissioning.


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