1999 saw the establishment  of Leopard Controls division and were appointed as Distech dealership for WA., established in Canada in 1995, Distech Controls serves multiple market segments through its worldwide business divisions, service offices, and a superior network of Authorised Partners.


Leopard Controls offers a powerful enterprise-level solution for all your multi-site facility management and energy monitoring needs. Fully customisable, simply choose the services you need to meet your specific business requirements, or implement our entire SmartSuite to maximize your operational efficiencies, decrease energy and maintenance expenditures by up to 25%, and reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Prolong your building management system’s lifecycle with a Web-based multi-function platform that provides the flexibility to address varying needs, conditions, or advances in technology.

The EC-NetAX building management system (BMS) is a comprehensive Web-based platform powered by Tridium and Niagara Framework®. Its open structure creates a common development and management environment for the integration of BACnet, LONWOrkS, Modbus™,and other standards.  More than a building management system, the EC-NetAX solution provides all the tools you need to gain intelligence into your buildings’ performance and arm you with the ability to rapidly react to any situation that may adversely affect energy costs, business performance, and ultimately, your bottom line.


Controllers offer the features and flexibility to address the demands of even the most sophisticated projects, while providing a competitive value offering. In addition, numerous labour-saving tools and features minimize the learning curve, decrease engineering and installation time, and improve the functional use of the system.

Distech Security is a comprehensive, easy-to use Access Control management solution is built on a truly open, Web-based platform, seamlessly extending intelligent buildings and creating a unified building management system.  When connected to the EC-NetAX platform, it allows for integrated control of HVAC, Lighting, and Access.

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