Brewing Controls


Establishing ourselves as a leading innovator in the Australian Brewing market on scales from Nano to Large operations. We work with clients to produce a level of automation designed to increase production and quality of product. What sets us apart is our service and commitment to our installed product which is unmatched in the current market.

DCE/ Leopard Controls Brewing Services includes but not limited to:   

  • Automatic tank heating and cooling.

  • Panel touch screens.

  • Web access for personal to make remote changes and monitoring.

  • Recipe integration.

  • Steam controls.

  • VSD and Pump Controls.

  • Full site test and commissioning.

  • Density calculations for advanced notification on finished processes.

  • Volume calculations using pressure sensors.

  • Basic and critical alarms.

  • Safety interlocks.

  • Data analytics.


Our services include full installation responsibility. Our Brewery Controls Brands include Distech Controls and Phoenix Contact PLCs.

We have managed literally hundreds of projects. We know how to install our solutions on time and within budget.