The Project

Telstra identified that 30 solar  powered sites across the north and mid Western Australia required an extensive Power Viability and Solar Power Audit as they proposed a power infrastructure and air conditioning  upgrade to cater for growth of new network equipment.

DCE attended all sites and conducted audits as required and were sub-sequently awarded the project to complete the DC Solar Hybrid
Upgrades on sites of the main road between Halls Creek-Broome-Port Hedland-Newman-Meekatharra.

Our Contribution

Our contribution to this critical network site 

includes :

· Remote area logistics and safety  equipment

· Building works & external site works

· Solar panel arrays, frames & cables

· Generator, rectifier & Solar controller

· Switchboards and DC reticulation

Our Solution

The project consists of a turnkey solution to provide 

backup power for these critical network sites,

which includes ;

· Foundations, footings & earth works

· New solar panel arrays and frames

· Standby Generator Plant

· Battery Cabinets, batteries & cabling

· 48 volt DC Air conditioning equipment

· Low Ohmic Distribution racks (DC)


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