The Project

The WA Police Midland Operations Support Facility comprises three (3) major buildings providing operational support to the Western Australia Police in areas such as Traffic, Forensics and Communications. The buildings were constructed in a staged manner with the Police Central Communications (PCC) building constructed in 2002, the Forensics building completed in 2005 and the Traffic building constructed in 2008 in the heritage listed Midland Railway, converted into modern office complex for over 350 police personnel. This project included the upgrade of “sitewide” chilled water pipework, replacement chillers and retrofit of complete AC control system. 

Our Contribution

The project consists of an integrated BMS and DDC control system which includes; 

  • TCP/IP BMS network 

  • BACnet Open Systems Integration 

  • Circa 1500 BMS Points + 230 VAV’s 

  • Open Systems BMS Front End 

  • Extensive monitoring and integration of electrical services 

Our Solution

Our Solution to this prestige development includes; 

DDC Controls Design & Installation 

Upgrade of entire BMS & MSSB’s 

Front End Graphics 

Remote Web-based access & SMS link for critical alarms. 

Power cabling of new chillers etc ... 


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