The Project

Perth Airport, one of Western Australia’s most important infrastructure assets, is Australia’s fourth largest airport in terms of passenger through-put and is strategically located in relation to South East Asia, Europe and Africa. The airport is managed by the Westralia Airports Corporation (“WAC”). 

Perth Airport’s primary aviation facilities include: 

  • A two runway system 

  • International Terminal (T1) building 

  • Multi-User Domestic complex (T3 and T4) with three freighter positions 

  • Terminal 2 (T2), which opened in March 2013 offers regional and some interstate services. 

Our Contribution

Our contribution to this prestige airport development includes; 

  • DDC Controls Design & Installation 

  • Mechanical Electrical Installation 

  • BMS Design & Commissioning 

  • Front End Graphics 

Our Solution

The project consists of eight (8) main mechanical services switchboards (MSSB) complete with integrated control system which includes; 

  • Lonworks Open Systems Integration 

  • 3000 BMS Points 

  • 8 MSSB Control Panels 

  • Open Systems BMS Front End 

  • Fibre Optic connections between the International and Domestic Terminals 


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