The Project

The 33 storey St. Martins Tower building underwent a substantial electrical upgrade. Part of the upgrade involved the installation of new switchboards and a new sophisticated Energy Management & metering system that could be integrated into the existing Building management system.

To meet the Energy Management System specification the EMS metering had to be high end but physically compact as there was limited physical space in the new switchboards. Traditional metering methods would not have fitted in the space available so Socomec’s Digiware was chosen and successfully installed & integrated into the existing BMS.

Our Contribution

  • Supply, Set Up & Programming of Socomec Digiware Metering System for Energy Management purposes.  

  • Integration of Digiware meters in existing BMS System.

  • Supply, Set Up & Integration of SATEC NMI approved Meters for Tenancy Billing.

  • Integration of SATEC Meters into existing BMS. 

  • Complete high-end energy management & metering system designed specifically to suit St Martins Tower requirements.

  • Processing of required data to enable improved Greenstar and Nabers ratings. 

Our Solution

A High level of energy management data was required from the metering system but due to severe limitations in available space for the switchboards the use of traditional energy metering solutions was not possible.

 Socomec’s new “Digiware” metering range was not only best suited for the energy management requirements & the simplest to install, it was the only metering product available that was compact enough to fit in the required space.

SATEC’s NMI approved meters were integrated into the existing network to enable supply accurate and approved billing data to the existing BMS.

The integration of the completely new metering system into an existing old BMS would not have been possible without Leopard controls experience & expertise.


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